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Melbourne Elevator Maintenance Profile

Melbourne Elevator Maintenance is Melbourne’s only company dedicated to just servicing lifts!

As part of the Melbourne Elevator group of companies, Melbourne Elevator Maintenance supports new installations and modernisations by Melbourne Elevator Modernisations Pty. Ltd. and, a wide range lifts by other manufacturers.

Melbourne Elevator Maintenance is Melbourne owned and operated... we care about our local customers. We are small enough to provide you the personal service that makes a difference but large enough to ensure you the reliability and quality your business needs.

We are not a multinational concerned about shareholder profits we are about ensuring our customers receive good service at a fair price.

Quality maintenance is essential to ensure lifts run safely and reliably and potentially costly repairs are kept to a minimum. We take pride in providing all of our customers the highest quality lift servicing and maintenance. We will do everything we can to make sure you are completely satisfied with our service and we look forward to working with you for many years to come!


Feel free to contact our team for information and advice about lift servicing and lift maintenance in Melbourne.


Andrew Lewis has been involved in the lift industry for 15 years as an owner and manager of lift companies. Andrew’s main focus at Melbourne Elevator Maintenance is on managing the company and ensuring quality control.

Scott Veal started as an apprentice lift mechanic in 1989. Since then Scott has been tuning and trouble shooting lifts throughout S.E Asia, managing installation departments, designing, manufacturing and modernising lifts. Scott is well respected in the industry for his technical ability, determination and can do attitude.


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